Life in Possum Holler

Saline County, Arkansas, United States
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07 February 2010

A Momentary Diversion

Haiku, Off the Cuff--In Pain

You all sliced me deep
I didn't mean to hurt
your loves scarred my soul

Religion in My Way

I feel Eternity in the Earth
I hear Life in its Sounds
I sense Reality in its Textures
I smell the Odors of the growing, grieving Being
I taste the Completeness it its Complexity
I touch the verdant Mass of growth and decay
I see the Beauty of its Change
And they revive me

The give me life
They gave me life
I will always live here, with the All
My essence will always remain in the Unity of all Being
All Plants
All Birds, Animals, Fish and Fowl
All humankind, all nature, all

All those I love
Or have ever loved or will love
Or have never known
Or never will have the chance to know

All is One
And we seek the All, the One
Our place amongst the One-ness
Even as we are the One-ness
We are Unity and Embrace the Unity

All is One and I am All.
With you

Copyrighted to prevent use as bad examples of writing. Carolyn Earle Billingsley, Ph.D. 7 February 2010