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25 July 2008

Twin Sisters "Team," Have Triplets

Twin Sisters "Team," Have Triplets, Husband Of One Of The Sisters Fertilized Eggs; One Sister Has Twins, The Other A Girl

CBS News: COLUMBIA, Mo., July 22, 2008; online from, July 25, 2008.

If you think genealogical research on your pre-21st-century ancestors is complicated , just think how difficult researchers of the future are are going to find it! Triplets--biological triplets from the same biological mother and the same biological mother, but born six weeks apart from different uteri.

"'They're from the same batch of eggs, same batch of sperm, and so they are considered triplets -- they just have different birthdays,' Darla [the biological mother] continued," even though her sister acted as a surrogate "mother" for the fertilized eggs produced by Darla and her husband. Confused yet?

Darla and her husband will have to legally adopt the third triplet.

Read the entire link for the complete picture (if you can wrap your brain around it).