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12 December 2007

Many tribes left their mark on Indiana

Terre Haute News, Terre Haute, Indiana-

By Tamie Dehler
Special to the Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Last week’s column discussed Indiana’s most influential Indian tribes, the Miami, Wea, and Piankashaw, as described in The Indian Tribes of North America, by John R. Swanton. Yet, there were other tribes that also left their mark in and on the state.

The Chippewa or Ojibwa was a tribe of the east coast and the Great Lakes area. Like the Miamis, they were part of the Algonquin linguistic group. In treaties made in 1795, 1817, and 1821, they relinquished their lands in Indiana to the whites. Their tribal name means “to roast until puckered,” and referred to the puckered seam in their moccasins.

The Delaware Indians were also of Algonquin stock. . . . [Read rest of article through link]