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07 May 2006

Will of Agnes Keesee, 1829, Sumner County, Alabama

Will of Agnes Keesee (nee Agnes Terry)
Written 10 February 1829; copy of original will #191 from Sumner County,
Tennessee Archives, transcribed by Carolyn Earle Billingsley, 7 April, 1999:

I Agnes Keesee of the county of Sumner & State of Tennessee This day I make my last will feeling my Self in a reasonable State of mind I make this will in preference to all other will aforesaid or maid this my Will and Testament in the name of God the great Savior of the universe hav I desolve my Soul to and my body to it's mother dust and may this my last Will be done I pray.

That is first I leave all of my cattle & hogs & sheepe and carrage & corn & pork & some other property to pay my dets [debts] doues [dues] & de mands, where in then
1 I give in to George W. Sanders one cart and all my farming tools
2 Then I give unto Mary Sanders one Burow & one bed and all of my bedclothes, one [spinning] wheel & cards, two pots, one oven one table
third I give unto Bedience ball [Obedience Ball--Agnes's daugher Obedience "Biddy" Keesee married James Ball; and perhaps also had a daughter named Obedience] a [Deske?] one cittle [kettle?] and one roan mare
Fourth I give un to Janie Ball one cupboard
Fifth I give unto Roady Ball one looking glass & towel
Six I give unto Champnes Ball one Arm cheer [chair]
Seventh I give unto Thomas Keesee one dollar
Eight I give unto George F. Keesee one dollor
Ninth I give unto Champness Keesee one dollar
10th I give unto Louisa Smith one dollar
11th I give unto Patiance Smith one dollar
12th I give unto Rody [Rhoda] McNight one dollar
13th I give unto Agnes Lyings [Lyons] one dollar
14th I give unto Nancy Henry one dollar
15th I give unto Robert Sanders one dollar

This is my Will given to my concent and I appoint George W. Sanders and James Ball my AdminisStraters for wich we Set our hands an Seals this the 10 of Feb. 1829

Test [Dick?/A. R.? Mills?--faded copy here] her {Seal} Agness Keesee X mark {Seal} Test H. K. Shockly George W. Sanders {Seal}

State of Tennessee

Sumner County Court May Term 1829

The last will & testament of Agnes Keesee decd was [entered?] in open court for probate & was duly proved by the oath of Andrew? R Mills one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded [therefor?] James Ball one of the Exors therein named appeared in court & agreed to take upon himself the [?] of the execution thereof & together with [Ande/Andrew?] R. Mills his security entered into & acknowledged their bond to the governor & his successors in office in the sum of five hundred dollars conditioned as the Law directs & took the oath of Exor [in both cases, this word in this document seems to be Exor with " over the r] forscribed/prescribed by law & at the same time rendered into court an account of sales or a part of the sales of said decedent which is ordered to be recorded

A Copy Test

A H. Douglass Clerk

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