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03 September 2005

Rhetoric Not Matching Reality

This article shows that at least someone can see that the Emperor has no clothes. Bush is all hat and no cattle, as Texans would say. The US is supposed to be prepared for a devastating emergency -- in the last few years the government has formed a Homeland Security division and spent billions of dollars in preparation for another disaster like 9/11. So what's the deal taking FOUR days to get help to a devastated city and the people of New Orleans. It just doesn't make sense unless somebody, aka the Bush administration, is woefully unprepared to handle reality. Are we safer? Nope. If the administration can't even handle Katrina and the flood, how can they possibly be ready to handle a terrorist attack, when things would be even more chaotic?

Another article from Newsweek illuminates how Bush is more about image than substance. He was sitting at his ranch with his thumb up his butt when one of his advisors must've decided he needed to look like he was actually doing something about Katrina.

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